Man tries to pass the toll without pay and gets brutally beaten by a police officer in Argentina Hoodsite

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Media on LiveLeak can sometimes be graphic in nature. However, we only accept graphic media that contains sufficient factual background information and/or media that contains news value. In case you might spot graphic items on LiveLeak that don’t seem to meet the above criteria, please flag the item to be reviewed.

Graphic media depicting images that can be upsetting to some are treated on a case-by-case basis when it comes to approval. We do not accept media that we determine to be glorifying graphic events and nor will we accept videos such as gore compilations and gore set to music. is fully DMCA compliant. If a complaint is received and verified we will act according to the directives of the DMCA. Anyone using DMCA complaints to censor a user incorrectly will be banned without notice.

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